Welcome to Izumo!
Izumo where mythology originated.
You will experience feel Japanese culture, history&art, food, nature….find unseen treasure!

Izumo or Shimane is a place where so rich and deep in Art, Culture, Tradition, History and Environment.  Life in Izumo, there is tradition found still alive in the lifestyle.  Abundant place for body and mind.

Please read about Izumo Ooyashiro on this link provided by Shimane Prefecture.
Izumo Ooyashiro Festivals dated and explained and written by Dustin Kidd.

This place can only be explained by you visit this place and feel and experience!

How to get to Izumo??

~Airplane to Izumo City Station~

From Duration Daily Fight
Tokyo 90 min 5 flights
Nagoya Komak 60 min 1 flight
Osaka Itami 65 min 6 flights
Fukuoka 60 min 1 flight
Oki Island 35 min 1 flight

Izumo Airport to Izumo Grand Shrine
Direct Bus to Izumo Grand Shrine App. 45 min
Izumo Airport to Izumo City Station (30min) + 25 min Bus/Car

~JR Train to Izumo City Station~

From Duration by Train
Shinkansen Nozomi+Express Yakumo
 6hs 30 min (Via Okayama)
Night train, Sunrise Izumo
12 hrs 30 min
Shinkansen Nozomi+ Express Yakumo
4 hrs (Via Okayama)

~Bus to Izumo City Station~

From Tokyo(Shibuya)  11Hrs 25min
From Kyoto 5hrs 45 min
From ShinOsaka・Osaka (Hankyu Umeda) 5hrs 30min
From Kobe(Sannomiya) 4hr 55min
From Okayama (Tenmaya Bus Center) 3hrs 50min
From Hiroshima Bus Center 3hrs 15min
From Hiroshima Shinkansenguchi 3hrs 15min
From Kitakyusyu・Fukuoka (Tenjin・SeitetsuTenjin Bus Center) 8 hrs 40min
From Nagoya (Sakae Bus Terminal) 9hrs 25min

We will provide

  1. How to get Izumo
  2. What to see
  3. Who to meet
  4. what to eat

And we will be introducing the English and Chinese Townmap!  Please wait for the publishment!!

Thank you for taking a look at it!

Information Provided by Izumo Tourist Association


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